Nieuwe versie IV Produkt Designer software

Recent lanceerde IV Produkt de nieuwe versie van haar IV Produkt Designer software.

Hieronder treft u (in het Engels) de nieuwe features:

The main new in this version is the launch our new innovative reversible heat pump, ThermoCooler HP, but we have also updated some energy calculation data and included additional App and Cloud information.  

This version also includes some minor bug fix and improved project administration, all together helping you to meet customer demands and select even more competitive AHU-solutions.

Quick News:

  • Our new reversible heat-pump ThermoCooler HP is now launched, and handling most north European climate specifications. For even warmer design temperatures, we of course still offer our state of art EcoCooler.
  • Energy Calculations can now be made up to an annual average temperature of 12°C.
  • The printout layout for Energy calculations has been updated and simplified.
  • Guide texts for designer/consultant specification of key IVP products are now also available in German, Norwegian and Danish.
  • For quoting and information proposes linked to App and Cloud, we have included an specific PDF file printable from the Report menu.
  • Sectional measurements for the split of Top 12 counter-flow exchanger have been included.
  • Information/Placement of panels for Mix sections 480-600 has been updated/corrected.
  • New labelling of one casing variant from “Fire resistance rating EI 30” to “Panel insulation EI30”.
  • Pre-heating coils can now be locked in the same way as other coils when a new calculation is done.
  • Empty sections for coils is now extended up to modular length 25 (750 mm)

U kunt de laatste versie hier downloaden.